Viewpoint Tsunami

“Before you give advice, that is to say advice
which you have not been asked to give,
it is well to put to yourself two questions
namely, what is your motive for giving it,
and what is it likely to be worth? 
If these questions were always asked, and honestly answered,
there would be less advice given.”

John William Mackail, “On Giving Advice”

“Advice is like cooking–you should try it before you feed it to others.”
Croft M. Pentz, 1001 Things Your Mother Told You

“Advice is like mushrooms.  The wrong kind can prove fatal.”
E. C. McKenzie, Mac’s Giant Book of Quips & Quotes


Lately it has become apparent to me that advice is available everywhere.  The Internet is rife with it.  With blogging accessible to everyone, anyone can state his or her opinion and offer advice.  That includes you… and me.

Recently, I read that employee engagement is at a new high (16 %!!!) with 28% moderately engaged, 35% under engaged and 22% disengaged.  Essentially, 85% of the work force is moderately engaged or less; lots of room for improvement.  Moreover, lots of opportunities for giving advice on improving employee engagement, hiring better, managing better, etc., etc.

Given all the advice available, I began wondering:

·       “How can those of us offering advice make sure we it’s wisdom that provides value”?

·       “Should everyone be offering their opinions/advice on just about everything?”

·       “Is there a danger that if one looks hard enough they can find advice that supports any viewpoint?”

·       How do we determine which advice to follow?

·       “With all the advice available, why is the workplace still so troubled?”

·       “Are folks really interested in making improvements or satisfied just reading and writing about it?  “

When we really need some sage advice to improve the state of the workplace, the state of our country and perhaps the manner in which we live our lives to whom should we listen?  Perhaps I’m just adding to the din…

I have no advice for you this month, just the above questions.  I’m interested in hearing what you might have to add.

Here to serve,


John Duba


Next month:  ?        

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