May’s Small Idea – Correction


Good afternoon Small Idea reader,

I wanted to make a correction to my Small Idea email for May.  In that email, I cited employee engagement at 13% in the U.S. as well as worldwide.  It seems I was in error.  According to Gallup, North America leads the world with employee engagement at 30%!  A whole third of our workforce is engaged (italics/sarcasm mine…)!  Modern Survey did report a lower percentage at 13% fully engaged as I originally stated.

My concern still holds in that with just a third of the U. S. workforce fully engaged, there is still much for leaders, managers and human resource professionals to address with respect to engaging employees.  However, engaging employees is not a one-way affair and, as I promised, I’ll have more on that later in June.

I wanted to set the record straight on the numbers.  I hope this email finds you well and able to enjoy the spring weather now that it has arrived.

Here to serve,


John Duba

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