What’s In Store for 2012




“Many people look forward to the New Year
for a new start on old habits.”


What are you anticipating in 2012?  More snow; the election; tax time; a raise; warm weather; vacation?  The beginning of each new year brings forecasts, requirements, predictions and expectations all of which can shape our outlook for the year to come.  However, we can choose to see the positive or the negative in each event as the year unfolds.  What’s ahead in 2012 remains to be seen.  How we respond is entirely our choice.

What’s Will Be Required?

The new National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) deadline for posting the employee rights notice has been postponed once again and it now must be posted by April 30th, 2012.  Glass half empty —that’s two postponements since last November but you still should get prepared to post.   Glass half full — maybe it’ll be postponed again.

The time to post your OSHA 300 log is nearing.  Glass half empty — your accident log for employee accidents should be completed and posted by Feb 1st and remain posted until April 30th.  Glass half full — when you take it down that’ll leave a spot on your bulletin board for the NLRB poster mentioned above.

And of course…taxes.  Glass half empty — they’re due April 15th as usual.  Glass half full — maybe there’s a refund in store this year.

What’s Predicted?

According to CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast, nearly one in four hiring managers plan to hire full-time, permanent employees in 2012.  Sustainability is always an unknown, but it’s potentially good news for our economy.   

This year being an election year we will once again experience the campaign hoopla throughout the primaries & elections.  One recent report by the Center for the Study of the American Electorate outlines the likelihood that voter turnout will fall in 2012.  However, once again we all have a chance to exercise our right to vote.  We can choose to cast our votes this year and make a difference.

Investors who hope for smoother sailing in 2012 may find continual change and that turbulence again buffets their portfolios.  Oil will get more expensive in the long term.  However, if we look at the current economic state of affairs as the new “normal” then we have a perspective on which to base a proactive preparedness for dealing with the changes.

And then there’s the whole Mayan calendar December 21st thing…we won’t go there.

What’s Changed?

Not everything.  The IRS has maintained the standard mileage rate for business miles driven at 55.5¢ for 2012.  On the other hand 40,000 new state laws have gone into effect since the first of the year.  Social Security payments will rise to $450.00 for the average recipient.  Eight states have raised their minimum wages for 2012 and cell phone use while driving is under scrutiny.

What’s Under Our Control?

Not much these days or so it seems.  Faced with the myriad of issues that bombard us daily on the News, in the newspaper and on the Internet, how should we anticipate 2012?  What can we keep under our control?  Well, our attitudes for one thing and our outlooks for another.  As leaders we must face every day and every change as an opportunity.  Sure, it sounds trite but folks look to their leaders to set the tone and to maintain focus, not to appear discouraged even in the face of adversity and change.  

How each of us chooses to relate to our coworkers and employees is also under our control.  Last year we talked about mission, vision and leadership.  Accomplishment in all three of those areas can be greatly influenced by how you conduct yourself towards others and your work.  Be a catalyst in 2012 — provide an example, be a role model or mentor for positive, proactive efforts within your workplace. 

If you choose a positive approach towards what’s required, changed and expected you will be more effective.  And your ability to deal with the unexpected will be more effective too.  And I’m willing to predict others will notice the change in you as well.

Here to serve,

John Duba

Next month…:   Responding Promptly (if you have suggestions for topics, please let me know)

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