Vision Test

“It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. “
Helen Keller


Do you consider yourself a leader in your company? Do you have a vision? Without a vision a leader has nothing to lead toward. If you are at the top of the organizational chart it’s your vision that everyone else needs to share to understand the direction of the organization. Think of it as its destination. You have the map that tells everyone where they are headed. It will tell them where they are going when you say to them, “Follow me”.

If you manage in the middle you have the responsibility to communicate the vision intact to those you manage and to have a vision of your own as to how you want your area to function as you follow the leader.

Cover Your Left Eye

Ask any adventurer, outdoorsman or guide the importance of knowing where you are and where you are going. If you are lacking a “point A” and “point B” it’s easy to get lost. Without a clear vision of where your company is going it will be difficult for your employees to know where it is they are expected to follow. They could lose their willingness to press on if they diligently carry their load without knowing where they are taking it.

Cover Your Right Eye

Is the current vision of your organization still viable? Have you asked, “Can we get there from here?” These days charting your company’s course carefully is very important because of the economic rocks in the road companies must frequently navigate around. A leader must have a destination in mind or there is a danger that the organization will travel in circles. If that’s the case, some employees may tire of the journey because they never “arrive” anywhere.

Now Close Both Eyes

What do you see regarding the future of your organization? Where is it headed? Now is a good time to reexamine your vision statement or establish a new one. Decide what direction you want your company to travel given these trying times. The challenges of the current economy can be viewed as problems or opportunities. You may find you’re headed where you want to go. You may see you have drifted off course. Or you may find a better destination.

A vision statement looks ahead. It will succinctly state where you want your organization to be in the future. Take some time to look where your company is headed. Get input from those you trust. Then gather your employees around you and tell them what you see.

Here to serve,

John Duba

Next month:  Mission Impossible (Not!)

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